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We specialize in residential service

Heating Service and Repair

Proper heating in this climate is essential. So is working with an HVAC professional. PBS Heating and Air employs certified technicians, highly trained to deal with  a variety of situations and furnace lines. 

A/C Service and Repair

We have a short cooling season in Pagosa Springs, but when you need cooling we are ready to help. We offer traditional equipment but also the newer alternative, ductless air conditioning. In either case, we can service your cooling system and get it up and running fast.

Total System Upgrade

If your current furnace and A/C units have seen their better days, it may be  time to upgrade your existing system. In most situations, it makes economic sense to upgrade to a new system, since improvements in technology have made new systems far more energy efficient and cost effective. Call us for a consultation and a free quote.

Geothermal Service and Repair

We are the premier experts on geothermal installation and service in the Pagosa Springs area. If you would like a consultation, call us to schedule an appointment. Need more information on geothermal? Head to our special website at

Same Day Service

After more than 25 years in the HVAC business in Southwest Colorado, we know how temperamental the weather can be. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to provide fast and reliable service. Call and we'll respond -- same day if necessary.

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